Tonight one week in Singapore

We are still living in an empty house, that is, we got our new TV in the corner, though still unpacked.

We had an awful lot done this weekend, had the utilities organised (gas, water, electricity), sorted out the school uniforms, organised myself a bank account where I can place my pocket money (also known as hndpengar). We purchased a microwave oven, a kettle, an umbrella and a manduka (baby carrier) (and I do love it more than our good old ergo that we lost in Paris, though I feel deceitful admitting loving the manduka more), as well as picking up Louis trousers and shirts from the tailor?s. Which reminds me, Louis is actually looking quite dashing in his new clothes, and I must admit that I am very pleased about the Singaporean climate, which makes him shave daily, his face is smooth like a baby?s bum these days. I hope his chops will soon make him feel too hot too.

I must admit that the days are a little bit slow and boring, so today I did something about that, I volunteered myself as a volunteer at a couple of the museums here. I really hope that it will work out. The boys start school next Tuesday so then Oscar and I are free to grab our manduka and explore the city, I am looking forward to doing that actually. There are several places to go and explore, but I find it more tempting to explore with one calmish boy rather than three super active, excited, impatient and rumposing boys.

By the way, I have come up with a couple of new things for the list of what is great about having a maid; it is great to have somebody to hang all the washing (though I do not mind putting on the loads myself). It is fabulous to have somebody ironing my blouses and linen trousers (which I am afraid I would never ever have time to iron in Norway, unless I was going somewhere really special). I really find that having my clothes ironed is very nice. However, I have come to realise that there also is a downside to having a maid; she lives in our house and I miss being just us around the palce. It is a very strange feeling living with somebody you do not know at all. I wonder what it is like for her, starting all over with a new family that she will have to adjust to? I also don?t like the way she has organised the cupboards in the kitchen, thankfully there are not much there, but I do actually have trouble finding my muesli in the morning. I am sure I will besome used to these things before too long. In other words, there are now two lists about having a maid; the upside and the downside list. I will add to these two lists as we go along.

Singapore is a really green, nice and clean city. The metro shines like an operating theatre in a hospital compared to the metro in Paris. It is so clean and neat. We did take some photos on the weekend, but it turns out that we the cable we need in order to transfer our photos to the computer is in the container with all our stuff.

Since the last piece I wrote, I have discovered a dark and murky side of Singapore; the fogging every Thursday between 10 and 12 in the morning. I didn?t discover what it really was until yesterday, though I did experience it last Thursday. Thursday mid-morning Marylou just started to shut the veranda doors and all the windows and said it was fog time. I didn?t understand anything; how can fog have its own set time for when it is due to appear? I just couldn?t understand what she meant by fog time. She continues by saying that every Thursday there is fog in Singapore during the morning. I become more and more puzzled, how can a fog be this predictable? Isn?t that part of the fog?s nature, being unpredictable, I mean. Though at the time I didn?t have any more information about it. Yesterday, however, it was all revealed to me by one of our neighbours, that the fog is actually DDT, good old mosquito poison. The government has decided that it is very important to keep the number of cases of dengue fever in the population as low as possible (merely 150 cases a year in a population of 5-6 millions). So, though I am really thrilled about a lot of things in Singapore, the thrill too has its backside. I must admit that I am very disappointed with the government?s use of DDT, in Norway it has been banned since 1970 mainly because of its effect on birdlife (DDT really messes with the birds? ability to produce eggshell when reproducing) and wildlife, research on the effect of DDT on humans are a bit inconclusive, though there seem to be some.

People in our compound are nice and friendly. Every afternoon parents hang around the playground with their toddlers or in the pool with their children. Marius is becoming more and more confident in the water, and Jakob is just like a fish (though one that does not quite know how to swim) and he is completely fearless. Last night when Louis took them to the pool Jakob held on to the edge in the deep pool, he reached for a floating toy. Though, he couldn?t quite reach it, so he just let go and sort of swam for the toy, and I really mean sort of swam, fortunately Louis was there to help him to the surface when he ran out of air. Both boys also have a swimmers? tan, it looks quite funny when they walk around with their snow white bums.

Seems like I got carried a way today, so hope I didn?t bore you too much. I will try to keep it shortish in the future.

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Hege K Rustad

03.aug.2010 kl.22:23

Morsomt hre hvordan dere har det:)

Bjarne A. Ingebretsen

07.aug.2010 kl.13:39

Skulle nske det sto p norsk... Bare kdda! ;-)


08.aug.2010 kl.23:02

S smart med blogg, Audhild! P denne mten fr vi jevnlige oppdateringer. Har jo selv en blogg, men er stygt redd for at jeg ikke har vrt noe flink til oppdatere den i r, men kanskje n i hsten?
Godt hre at alt str bra til til tross for at dere ikke har ftt alle tingene deres. Vi fr satse p at livet med hushjelp / barnepike ogs gr seg til og at du fr funnet ut hva du vil drive p med nr gutta har begynt p skole.
Hils alle!
Stoooor klem, ydis

10.aug.2010 kl.15:02

Oh, do get carried away!! :D

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