Boys at school

Today is the first day at school for the boys, they were a tiny bit nervous, but stoic about it. I am quite eager for them to come home and tell me about their day. Louis and I took them to their classrooms today, but tomorrow they are off with the school bus at 7.10 a.m.

It is quite quiet in the flat this morning, even peaceful, Oscar fell asleep on the floor, not quite used to getting out of bed at 6 a.m.

This weekend was a long weekend. Monday was off because of national day, celebrating 45 years as a nation; much like any other Sunday really, though there was a parade somewhere and there were fireworks in the evening down town. We rather went to the Science centre, it was good fun for the boys, though a little bit sad too since several of the installations were broken. However, we did not manage to see it all, so we have to go back, then we might have time to visit the Chinese and Japanese gardens too. Oscar and I both liked the IMAX film about the beavers the best. They have a really good IMAX theatre.

Saturday we did some more shopping, we are now the proud owners of a toaster and a wok. I only wish we also were the proud owners of that Afghan rug we had a look at. Though, one must not grumble, I am, after all, the horrified owner of a new pair of swimmers, horrified because it might be one of the most expensive pieces of clothing I have ever bought.

Sunday we went to Sentosa with our Aussie neighbours, who by the way more or less have adopted Jakob into their household. Sentosa used to be a swamp, now it is a beach with beech bars, restaurants, entertainment, resorts and spas (the latter, apparently the best in Singapore) Sentosa is quite nice, though crowed with people. But we really enjoyed it. It was lovely to be on the beech with the boys, Jakob was thrilled to be with his new best friend, Harry, Marius was thrilled about the pieces of coral he found and the rolling of pizza dough at the restaurant, Oscar was thrilled about the cubby house and Louis was thrilled about sitting at a table in the pizza restaurant, drinking a few beers, and feeling the breeze. We were with good company and had a really good time.

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10.aug.2010 kl.15:11

Hres spennende ut, Audhild - og en fryd lese:) Hper du fant noe vre thrilled about p stranda ogs! Tror jeg blir ndt til komme p besk og se alt dette selv; gleder meg til du fr oppdatert med noen bilder (du kan jo gjre det p fb hvis det er vanskelig her). Er fremdeles spent p utviklingen med Marylou; ganske rart med den kjappe klassereisen man gjr nr man flytter utenlands, og det er jo ikke bare innfring av tjenerskap det gjelder. Nr man er p feltarbeid kan man jo late som om man ikke tilhrer en annen klasse, en overklasse. Men flytter man hele livet sitt og/eller skal jobbe, blir det straks annerledes - non?

Kos deg p oppdagelsesreise! Hper du fr napp p et museum ogs:) Hils til alle og klem, Cecilie

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