Runny nose

Today I received a phone call fraom Marius and Jakob?s school. My poor son Jakob had a runny nose, at the time resting in the nurse?s room. Though fortunately he had no temperature. I must admit that even at this early stage I felt slightly annoyed by the fuss given a runny nose, though a lovely nose. So in order to stay out of ISS black books I agreed to come and pick Jakob up. And I must admit that upon entering the office and the nurse?s room and, behold, a thoroughly cheerful and extremely pleased Jakob did not convince me that this was a boy who needed to go home and rest, rather the opposite and, by the way, where was the runny nose? Running away? I do hope they will not call every time Jakob has a runny nose, in which case there will not be much school for Jakob the next couple of years, considering having a runny nose is a frequent occurrence.

Both Marius and Jakob are quite happy in school. Jakob has learnt the s sound this week and acts as my teacher every afternoon, though of obvious reasons the lesson was earlier and longer today. However, with my brain becoming more and more mushy every day, I suppose that is just what I need. I will return to the state of my brain a little later, but will reassure you all; help is on the way and treatment is prescribed.

Since last time, we have become more settled here in Singapore. Our container was left outside our house and emptied a week ago. It is very nice to have and see our things and furniture. Particularly Oscar seems to think so. He is very happy sitting in his chair at our dining table again. There were a few surprises in the container. A few of out things that were supposed to go into storage arrived here, like the drawers and a few shelves of our wardrobe, but no wardrobe (the wardrobe however, was not placed in storage, as intended, but in Telemark, along with our fridge and stove (the two latter were going to Telemark, so that is ok). So there are a few ends to tie. At this stage, a corner in our flat is filled with boxes going back to Norway to storage (like, we do not need all our woollen underwear and winter jackets, neither did I intend to wear my bunad here!) and only 17 unpacked boxes (though 10 of which contains books that need shelves first). Things are definitely coming along.

This weekend we are going to a birthday party, rather Jakob was invited by a boy in his kindie and when they are still smallish the rest of the family come along too. I am quite curious about how birthdays are celebrated here. I will be fun, I hope.

We also plan to put up our new DOUBLE bed, and I stress DOUBLE since it is our first double bed. Our old one, that for some unknown reason was also shipped here, was only the size of a double bed. I feel a bit grown up now, having bought my first DOUBLE bed (having 3 boys and turned 30 several times do not quite match the feeling of finally having a DOUBLE bed).

I will stop now with all this chit-chat, after all that my brain is going all mushy should not affect you. Which reminds me, a cure has been found and will soon be applied, just fingers crossed that it will not be too late.

The treatment is that I yesterday joined the FOM here in Singapore. FOM is an abbreviation of the friends of the museum. As a member of the FOM I may visit all the museums in Singapore for free, as well as bring a guest. And there are a lot of museums, really good museums too. Yesterday, furthermore, I was also interviewed and accepted to attend their docent training at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS). I am absolutely thrilled. It is a 6 months course, one compulsory lecture a week, two optional, though good if one is able to attend as many as possible. We have to hand in 4 papers, and then a final paper which will be the guided tour (of 1 hour) I do as mine at NMS. Finally, I guide my mentor on a tour of NMS, after which I will receive constructive feedback, finally I am given a group whom I will guide (for 1 hour). Hokus pokus, abera cadabera, it is March and I have become a qualified docent at the NMS. I am so much looking forward to this course, I believe it will be a lot of fun and that I will learn a lot about the history and culture of Singapore (they give us quite a lot of reading material. I must admit, I am ever so excited.

I have visited the NMS a couple of times already and I like it. I will write more about it later. Though if anybody is curious, here is the homepage

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