What I like about Singapore

I just love the feeling of going into a air con bus, after my 5 minute walk to the bus stop (mind you, I have to cross the road by a foot bridge). One does not notice it so much when walking, but when one stops the sweat just pours off one and one is soaked within seconds. So there I am waiting for the bus, all sweaty and sticky, the bus arrives hopefully after only 5 minutes, I go onto the bus, and bliss, almost heaven, the cool air con air of the bus. Though I must say, I do not fancy the meeting of the warm, humid air when I have to leave the bus at my stop. I also like the air conditioners in all the shopping malls and public buildings. Like the other night when Louis and I went to the movies, the cinema theatre was so cool that I actually could have worn my woollen cardigan and felt comfortable. After a couple of hours in that cool, cool theatre it actually felt really nice to be back out on the streets. I must admit it was the most peculiar feeling, thinking that the hot, humid air was a good change.

Another thing I love about Singapore is the birthday parties that Jakob has been invited to. It is common to include parents and siblings in the invitation, at least when they are Jakob?s age, and the whole class, both boys and girls, are invited. It is so nice to chat with the other children?s parents, who are all really lovely, nibble on some fruit snack and sip to a drink (last time I think Louis might have sipped about a carafe of sangria). But there is one thing in particular that I really like about these parties and that is that when you arrive and Jakob gives the present, he is thanked and the present is taken aside to be opened later after the party. One of the mothers? said she really like this Singaporean tradition and that their child opened one present every day after the party. That way he paid much more interest to the gift and learnt to appreciate it more. I think it is a great way, too.

Of course, I also like the National Museum of Singapore. It is cool, interesting and the building itself is beautiful. And I like that one can find all those things one misses from Australia in the supermarket, like Master food?s hot English mustard and tim tams. I like baby-sitting Wednesday and pizza-by-the-pool-Fridays. I really like Mustafa?s, the Indian 24/7 department store, that place is just amazing and feels like a very dear and familiar place. There are probably more things that I like about Singapore too, yeah, like the clean streets and MRT?s (the tube stations), the pool and the air coned, yet tiny, gym we have here we live (but the air con is such a great incentive to go for a work out, it really works for me), the most thorough medical examination I have ever experienced, when I had go to the doctor?s. And not to forget our new red, Chinese cupboards (lovely pieces of work and so spacious) or the awesome rain and thunderstorms, like the one we had last night and this morning. It clears the air and the amount of water that pours down from the sky is just incredible (I suppose I love these rain storms since they have not yet surprised me without an umbrella).

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05.sep.2010 kl.12:45

Artig lese om livet ditt i Singapore, Audhild! :)

Snedig mte de gjr det med bursdagene, likte virkelig den mten de gjr det med gavene. Jeg mener de fleste ungene her til lands er for utakknemlig nr det gjelder gaver. Mange er blitt for vant med f alt det de nsker og vil ha uten tenke over hva som m til for skaffe penger eller hvordan bruk og kast - mentaliteten pvirker miljet. Viktig at barna lrer seg glede seg over det de har, ikke hele tiden hige etter alt annet som de kan kjpe seg. Ikke alle verdier kan kjpes...


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