So there has been a while ago

Long time no see?but my good excuse is plainly that I have been really busy. Though, my hope by writing on this blog of mine again is that I will be less so.

First of all I must really say that seeing some of our friends and family in Norway when Oscar and I was there in middle of September was just great. It was impossible to meet all due to the time limit, but I will see you guys in May, June or July next year.

I have been back in Singapore for about a month now, and I must admit; I am really starting to like it here. I am also handling the humidity much better and I am really enjoying the National Museum Singapore Docent Course, it is worth every cent. The lectures and the reading are interesting, the people really nice; all in all an enjoyable experience. And I must say; I am excited about the lecture we have on the 26th of Oct. on the secret societies of Singapore. Maybe I am mostly curious because we have to sign a sheet of paper saying we will not disclose any of the information to anybody and because we have to give our name, green card and passport number to the police in advanced. Singapore is an interesting place, fascinating and mysterious with several layers; a bit like an onion sometimes. Learning about its history is very fascinating and it is an important piece of knowledge quite essential to understand today?s society.

As I mention earlier, it has been quite busy, I have a gallery paper and a gallery talk paper, as well as a gallery talk due all on the 26th. These are our first papers and I feel a bit nervous about it all, since it is the first hand-in, though it is an enjoyable nervousness.

Louis? mum is also visiting at the moment, Ingvill was here a couple of days, though now she has left for a couple of days in Melaka (a place which historically is linked with Singapore, both having been influenced by the same first resident William Farquhar). We all really enjoy having visitors, it is good to have people here and take them around Singapore. The boys really enjoy having grandma visiting, it is after all 1.5 years since last time they saw her. And of course, Ingvill is as always a big hit.

The boys have also started taking swimming lessons. Marius is doing really excellent, Jakob is just around the corner from crawling properly and Oscar really loves the pool by now. These days he go quite confidently in the babies? pool, blows bubblees, jump of the edge into our arms and kicks like a professional. I must admit that the pool is also very refreshing after a sticky and humid day ?.

There are so many hidden treasures to life in Singapore and we enjoy discovering them ? people we know here are really nice (except for that busybody of a poke-you-nose-in-it-neighbour), and we are all really setteling in by now.

ps. Must say it is really nice of you to ask for more blog :)


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22.okt.2010 kl.09:44

Hurra, gøy å høre mer fra Singapore :) Har tittet på hjemmesiden til museet "ditt", det ser veldig spennende ut, så bra at du fått et ben innenfor der! Hvem tipset deg om opplegger der? Eller fant du det på egenhånd? I går snødde det for første gang her, så ungene var elleville i dag morges, da de våknet til en cm hvitt på bakken. Jeg hadde sett værmeldingen og hadde gruet meg, men det er rart med det, når det først har skjedd, så viser det seg - hvert eneste år - at jeg ikke har noe imot det likevel. Plutselig begynte jeg å glede meg litt til jul og ski og aking og snømann og kalde neser og hender og varm kakao med krem og pledd i sofaen. Alt har sin sjarm :) Håper alle er friske og raske og at mini i magen vokser og trives. Hils den flotte gjengen din! Klem, Kristina

27.okt.2010 kl.16:39

Go, Audhild!! Jeg kommer straks du er ferdig docent, og gleder meg til du skal docere for meg. Skriver under på hva som helst for å få the dirty details om hemmelige samfunn - men innser likevel at ingen vil vite å sette like mye pris på akkurat det enn deg :) Hils alle svømmerne! Klem, Cecilie

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