Last Friday was Diwali and what a jolly nice time and celebration we had. One of our neighbours is from Orissa, India and we were invited for Diwali dinner last Thursday. What nice food and company! We were served beautiful chicken curry, red kidney beans, mutton biryani and yummy raita. It was a superb meal with other neighbours in our condo. On Friday, Diwali itself, Anurag (our neighbour) had cake, sweets and sparklers for the children in the condo, so everybody was outside for cake and a chat. It was really lovely and good fun for the children. On Saturday we had Diwali lunch with a Punjabi guy, working as an associate professor at the National University as well as involved in some ABB project of Louis?. Beautiful food, nice company, though I am less certain that the Chinese engineers enjoyed the food as much as we did.

We have now been almost 4 months in Singapore, and I have realised that we actually live in a very nice and social condo. Our condo is not the biggest, not the flashiest nor the most modern (it is built in the eighties and our flat is one of the few original ones). To put it this way; it would not be a great loss to have something done to the kitchen or the bathrooms (one is baby blue the other bogey green). However, it is airy and spacious and on the ground floor with a patio. So I am not grumbling at all. But to come to my point, it is apparently one of the most social one?s I have been told. A lot of the other condos, newer and more modern ones are bigger than ours, and it is not so common that all the children are out and play at the same time. Here the toddlers are out and about in the morning and the afternoon, sort of from 8 to 10 a.m. then again from 4 to 6 p.m., the bigger children also play together in the afternoon.

Oscar is really enjoying his play outside. He has a couple of friends, Jadee, Sarah, Zara, Maya, Amir and Rose and he has been invited to his two first birthday parties here, both on Wednesday, tough one is in the morning and one in the afternoon, so we will manage both parties quite fine.

My museum course is still fun. I sort of feel that I have a good grip of the history of Singapore, though there are quite a few gaps when it comes to the artefacts in the museum itself. I do hope that you all will come and visit us while we are in Singapore so that I can take you to the museum and show you around. It is a fascinating museum, on several levels, both in relation to understanding the Singaporean society of today, but also because this country, state, nation, city and people has so many layers to it and I have so far revealed but a few. Most people think Singapore is all about shopping and leisure, which it is to a certain extent, but it is also about going from a third world country to a first world country in about a decade. And the National Museum both tells the story about this as well as it to a certain extent create this story.

Well, it is time to wrap it up. The boys are still doing well, and Louis is enjoying work. Marius, Jakob and Oscar all have swimming lessons weekly, and I am so happy to see how confident and happy they are about their swimming. Particularly Marius and Jakob are picking up techniques and abilities super quick. It is such fun to watch them during their lessons.

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