O joy and an incident at the bus stop

First of all I must start this little update by sharing a short email I received a couple of days ago. It is from Patricia Uberoi. She is an Australian anthropologist, her area of study is family and kinship in India, and she is big (not only in my eyes). My friend, Anurag, knows her and introduced me per email, so that I could send her my thesis. Alas the reply: ?I don't know whether I acknowledged receiving the copy of your dissertation. It was very generous of you to send it to me. I cannot claim to have read it all, but I'm impressed by whatever I've looked at: very sensitively written, and excellent ethnography. Are you intending to publish it? Have you done papers from this work? Contributions to Indian Sociology might be a good place.? Say no more! I say.

The weather in Singapore is quite wet at the moment. It is raining daily and the humidity is at its highest (during the year). They do say that it will be better at the end of December, I really hope so because some days it even feels hard to breath. That is when it is nice to go to the lovely and interesting National Museum of Singapore. I will one of these days give you an extensive review of the museum, with some photos. I just have to complete my next paper and gallery talk, which is on the 8th of December. Initially, we were planning to go to Australia for Xmas, but tables have turned and we have decided to go during Northern hemisphere spring instead. So Xmas will be spent here in Singapore. We hope we might find a nice little pine in a pot that we can decorate with the homemade decorations we bought from the Norwegian Seamen?s Church. We went there for the Xmas bazaar, and there are really a lot of Norwegians in Singapore. It is interesting to see how important the Church is for many Norwegians living here. I talked to some of the women and a few could tell that if it had not been for the Church they probably still would be stuck in their flat with their children.

Well, it is about time to round things off, and I thought that I would tell you about what happened to me yesterday. There were a few things I had to sort out yesterday, so I had to go to centre of town (sort of centre) which is called Orchard Road (the name is due to the nutmeg farm that used to be there, and up to about 2-3 years ago, one could still find remains of it. There was a hill there in a park with trees and the occasional fair. Today it is the fancy Ion shopping mall commemorated with the sculpture of a nutmeg in front). However, back to my story, I had finished my errands and was waiting for my bus at the stop. I kept looking up the road for my bus, when I realised that I was in the middle of a Japanese tourist?s photo. She had this huge camera with a big lens, so I was polite and moved out of her way, and would you know she followed, I moved again, and she followed again, I moved again, and she followed yet again. Finally it dawns on me that she is trying to take a photo of me, (for whatever curious reason) and she did not the sham to stop either when she was discovered. Fortunately, her bus arrived so she had to go on the bus with unfinished business.

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25.nov.2010 kl.23:45

No wonder she wanted to take pictures of you! You're beautiful, especially now;)
PS! Har helt glemt bort bursdagen din! Unnskyld - unnskyld! Gratulerer s mye meddagen som var! Hadde dere en fin feiring?
Leser alle innleggene dine og det virker jo helt som om dere trives; og det er bra. Og til slutt: Your English is amazing! I guess it has to do with you being with this Aussie bloke for quite some time now counts..? ;)


25.nov.2010 kl.23:46

Kan du forresten sende meg postadressen deres til jul? Noen spesielt dere nsker til jul?

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